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报告题目:Reinforcement learning in Medical Image Analysis
报告人:ShuoLi (李硕)


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Reinforcement learning has achieved tremendous success in recent years, notably in complex games such as Atari, Go, and chess. However, researchers face multiple challenges when apply it to the medical image analysis. This talk will share our experiences and success in developing deep reinforcement learning to solve the current challenges in medical image analysis.




Dr. Shuo Li is a pioneer in conducting multi-disciplinary research for image centered medical data analytics to enable artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. He is a machine learning researcher by training, with degrees in software engineering and computer science (2006). Upon beginning his career at GE Healthcare (2006-2015), he earned a placement in working side-by-side with physicians in the hospital. As such, Dr. Li has a rich and unique background that incorporates science, engineering, and healthcare.

His current research focuses on the development of AI systems to solve the most challenging clinical and fundamental image centered data analytics problems in radiology, urology, surgery, rehabilitation, and cancer, with an emphasis on the innovations of learning schemes (regression learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, sparse learning, spectral learning and manifold learning).

Dr. Li is a committee member in multiple highly influential conferences and societies. He is most notable for serving on the prestigious board of directors in the MICCAI society (2015-2023), where he is also the general chair for the MICCAI 2022 conference, a premier conference in medical imaging. He has over 200 publications, acted as the editor for six Springer books, and serves as an associate editor for several prestigious journals in the field. Throughout his career, he has received several awards from GE, various institutes and international organizations.

 李硕博士是将人工智能(AI)应用于医疗保健领域,以图像为中心的医学数据分析多学科研究的先驱。他是一名科班出身的机器学习研究员,拥有软件工程和计算机科学学位(2006年)。在GE Healthcare2006-2015)开始职业生涯后,他获得了与医院医生并肩工作的职位。因此,李博士拥有包括科学、工程和医疗保健等专业丰富而独特的背景。


李博士是多个具有高度影响力的会议和学术团体的委员。他最著名的是在MICCAI协会(2015-2023年)的著名董事会任职,他还是MICCAI 2022年会议的总主席,该会议是医学成像领域的一个重要会议。他有超过200种出版物,担任6本斯普林格图书的编辑,并担任该领域若干著名期刊的副主编。在他的职业生涯中,他多次获得通用电气、各研究所和国际组织颁发的奖项。

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